Welcome to the New TBC Community Elvanto website

Elvanto is our new church management software which can help you keep track of dates and is a tool to help enable more people to serve God effectively.  We believe God has a plan to grow His church at Toongabbie by saving more people, helping more people to find hope in crisis and consquently seeing more believers equipped to serve with their gifts.  Previously ministry teams were managed on paper rosters.  This works well in small churches but when a church grows it becomes difficult to manage.  The new Elvanto program now does a lot of the maintenance work for us, and brings the church to your pocket through a new phone app.

The "Elvanto" phone app is available FREE from either the Apple app store or Google Play store and works on all smart phones.  For individuals the App is a great way to keep track of when you are rostered to serve.  For our music team it also provides song lyrics, youtube links, and the weekly service runsheet.  For everyone else it provides the full list of when you are serving next at a glance.  The app also provides a quick easy way to record your "Unavailability" when you will be away on holidays and unable to serve.  You can easily block out periods so that ministry leaders do not roster you on whilst you are on holidays.  This can be done months or years in advance.  At least a month before each new term commences, the new roster will be published and a single reminder email sent to all to confirm their availability.  Through the phone app (or online) you will be able to "accept" or "decline" your rostering.  Having this online means ministry leaders can instantly see if there will be any problems and can make changes where needed so that each ministry can function without a problem. 

Download the App now.

Setting up the App

  1. Download the free "Elvanto" app to your phone from the App store or Google play store.
  2. Start the App and enter the domain "tb.elvanto.com.au"
  3. Enter your username (if you have not received a username activation email yet please let us know).
  4. Enter your password. 

The Elvanto app remembers your details so you only have to do this once and then you are set to go.

It has been a mammoth task but the new rostering can also send email or SMS reminders to people each time, just in case we forget we're on!  Accepting a ministry date locks it into the system so that ministry leaders can trust and rely on each team member.  If you have accepted a date and end up sick in the week, you'll need to seek to arrange a swap and contact the ministry leader to update the ministry rostering.  Ministry Leaders already carry a huge ministry load and so as we serve together we need to support them in every way.

Thankyou again for your willingness to be a part of a ministry team in serving the Lord.  I am always amazed at God's love and power to each one of us - the father created us with a perfect plan, Jesus sacrificed for to save us and now the Holy Spirit continues to give us gifts, stength and grace to serve.  What an honour we have as his co-workers! (Eph 1)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask or email the church office: office@toongabbiebaptist.org.au.